Canceling your Yokee Karaoke subscription

Cancelling your subscription will depend on how you purchased it. Please find your purchase method below for instructions on how to cancel your subscription: 

Apple iTunes 

We are unable to cancel subscriptions purchased via Apple iTunes on your behalf. To cancel your subscription, please visit the following link:  


Google Play 

If you purchased your subscription using Google Play, please visit the following link to cancel your subscription:  


Android TV 

To cancel your subscription purchased on Android TV, please follow the steps below:

  • Launch the Yokee Karaoke App on Android TV
  • Click on Manage My User tab at the bottom of the Songbook
  • Select Billing on the left
  • Scan the QR Code that is displayed on the screen using a mobile device
  • On the page displayed on your mobile device, tap on Cancel Plan 

N.B If you no longer have access to the Android TV app to cancel, please follow the steps for "web" below.


If you purchased a subscription on the web using your credit card, please fill out this form to request your cancellation. 

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